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Welcome to Parts4iPods – offering a fast, professional iPod repair, iPhone repair and iPad repair service.


We’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of parts for the whole Apple ‘i’ range – from the iPad back to the 1st generation Nanos, and we’re now offering a full range of services including iPhone, iPad and iPod repair.


Damaging your iPride and joy doesn’t have to be a disaster, just call Parts4iPods and tell us what happened. The same applies if your precious iShuffles its way off this mortal coil, we can coax it away from the light and return it to you with a new lease of life.


From a back-pocket broken screen incident to ‘dropped it down the loo’ water damage - Parts4iPods will take care of all necessary iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs – including charging ports, headphone jacks, battery problems and even unlocking.


All our repair work is carried out by trained technicians at our workshop and most are completed within 24 hours. We’re i-addicts too so we know you don’t want to be without for any longer than you have to – just select from the iPad repair, iPod repair or iPhone repair options, select the repair needed and then we’ll tell you how to post it to us. All our repair costs on our site include the cost of parts, installation and return delivery to you.


Every repair is checked for quality before being packaged securely and shipped to you as soon as it’s complete.


For professional and expert iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs there’s only one name to remember - Parts4iPods – always aiming to supply the most competitively priced parts and the highest quality of service in the UK.


Browse our repairs online, or call 0208 123 1395 to talk to one of our repair specialists.

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excellent service received all parts ordered thnx you

Well Happy to have my pod back. Thanks

very happy

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